Why choose me?

I have over 20 years experience looking after children. I also have a City & Guilds Levels 2 and 3 qualifications in early years child care.

I will strive to offer the best child care in the area. I look at my competitors weather they be a nursery or Childminder and I try to “do more”. I am generally cheaper, more qualified and do more activities (don’t take my word for it see my Facebook page). I don’t believe anyone will offer the same level of qualification, service or activities for the price. I’m also currently using software so you can view your child’s learning journal and EYFS tracking online. To my knowledge even the most expensive childminders are not offering this. 

  • I have a folder with dozens of child care qualifications for you to view.
  • I am qualified to a level 3 Standard (3 years college)
  • I can offer free government funded childcare places not all child-minders can (only good or outstanding for existing carers).
  • I do not charge for bank holidays (some childminders charge full pay).
  • I do not charge for my holidays (some childminders charge full pay).
  • I will allow you to attend my house and watch me until you are fully satisfied I am the right person for your child.
  • I will keep up to date with my training.
  • I have a regularly updated Facebook page where photo’s are posted (with permission of course)
  • I keep parents up to date with many photo’s
  • Standard playgroups under £2.50 are included
  • I allow a settling in period, where both children and parents can get to know me.
  • I will do my best to maintain your child’s routine. This will include visits to their favourite play and learning centres.
  • I am a network childminder (meaning I attend meetings with Stockport council about childcare, training, changes in the law etc). Most childminders are not network childminders.
  •  I have a regular assistant who previously worked in a nursery. Which is better for safety and flexibility. I also have my husband as a 2nd Assistant (fully Ofsted checked and registered) but only used in emergencies (Sickness etc).
  • I have had a playroom (extension) specially built for your child’s enjoyment. I don’t use it for anything else. The Children can still use other rooms but this one is for them.
  • Everything in my house was built or modified with safety in mind (Full re-wire, gas fires removed downstairs toilet and Lowered hand basin etc).
  • The Play room designed with play and safety (Safety glass doors and safety blinds).
  • My back garden is secure (no holes in fences or hedges) it is secured with a combination locked gate to the rear.
  • I have 4 CCTV cameras outside my house with a 21 day memory for safeguarding and security.
  • I have an assistant (ex nursery nurse) who also has childcare qualification, first aid level 3 and Safeguarding Children.

I believe I offer the best value child care as there are no hidden charges. You probably won’t find many or anyone cheaper. My rates are set on par with new childminders (who are usually cheaper). When you take into account my experience, qualifications, the “no hidden extras”  I believe I can offer the best value for money child care.

I tend to  lot with the children. My typical day starts around 7.30 AM. Where I risk asses, and make sure everything is tidy (safe). Parents generally come around 8.00AM . About 8.40 AM I leave for school or Nursery drop Offs. At 9.30 AM I go to a playgroup (or soft-play if not available).  We come home about 11 AM. I then prepare lunch and let the children play in the play room. After lunch I do a planned activity with the children based on observations I’ve made. I then pickup from School/Nursery. I then go home (sometimes to the park). Here I do a combination of free play and home work or helping children with what they have done at school. I give the children a snack before the parents arrive. Parents generally arrive between 4.30PM and 6PM. I like to have everything put away and close the playroom at 6PM. If Children are still with me I let them wind down with a toy in the living room. until the parents arrive.