Our policies

We Have a Policy for everything from safeguarding your children, food hygiene, payment, illness etc. We keep records should any accident, illness or anything out of the ordinary occur.

Most of the policies we have are a legal or an Ofsted requirement. I would be happy to sit down and discuss these with you. You will need to sign these policies with any child care establishment. There is quite a lot of paperwork but I have tried to take a common sense approach. Our small print really isn’t that small as we want to keep a friendly atmosphere for both children and parents.

Most of our policies can be downloaded below if you want to do some research, but we will give you a hard copy as part of our contract should you choose us for child care.

Working in Partnership with Parents Policy
behaviour policy
uncollected child policy
sickness policy
safeguarding policy
Lost child policy
Complaints procedure
equal opportunities policy
outing policy
SEN (special education needs) policy
Assistant policy
Parent consent form
policy checklist