Cheadle Childminders (other providers)

I’ve started a new Facebook page to help parents connect with other Childminders and for other providers to connect with each other.

The idea is to make it easier for Childminders to exchange resources and advice, and to help parents find care. I hope this page can be ran as a cooperative effort between myself and other Childminders in or just outside Cheadle.

Please like the page. If you are a Childminder please message me with your Ofsted number so I can make sure you are properly registered. I will then promote you to advertiser. This will enable you to post on the wall of the page. I will also include your details in the message auto reply, they will see your name/number or whatever information you send me.

I will also make some trusted members Editors. This will give the user the ability to delete inappropriate wall posts and they will be able to send messages as the “Cheadle Childminders” page. And also upgrade the user status of other Childminders should they like the page.