The Playroom

After a year of childcare I found my business becoming very successful with an enquiry around every 2-3 weeks. With this in mind I built a play room in spring 2015.

The playroom allows me to keep more resources and activities downstairs. The electrics are fully RCD protected and it has a separate heater.

Privacy is maintained by a dwarf wall at the sides and blinds on the windows and doors. It also helps me to discourage TV by removing it from the general play area.


I have a safety gate pictured below. Which can be turned at a 90 degree angle to enable me to use the whole of the downstairs/just the playroom or just the house depending on the activity. It also helps if children need a sleep.


The Back door leads to a garden which has a locked gate to keep children in and strangers out. There is also a patio door in the living room to give children the freedom to play.