Full Day – Full Time (8.00-18.00) –  £37 a day or (reduced to £34 a day if all week £170)
Half Day – Part Time (8.00-13.00 or 13.00 18.00) – £21 (£100 if all week)
School drop off £9 (Includes Breakfast) £40 all week.
Pickup £12 (Includes meal/snack) £50 all week.
Nursery pickup/drop offs are usually charged as a half day but will depend on your exact needs. School pickups are a little cheaper than nursery pickups  as Ofsted ratios are more generous with school children.

Both before and after school is £20 a day or £90 all week.
Additional hours are £4.00 (i.e until 18.30 would be £2.00 extra). I normally only use the hourly rate as a bolt on basis (but you can bolt onto a half day). Unless I can fit your hours around another child (or you have full days most of the week) the minimum charge is half a day for pre school children. 

Funded care

I can take government funded care for  Children aged 2,3&4 year’s. Everyone should get at least 15 hours a week (570 a year max). Most parents get double this as they may be entitled to 30 hours. when your child is 3 years old (subject to the start of a term). I can help you process this claim, additionally I can share the hours with a nursery or another registered childminder. This application can be done at my house as I have the software and Log in details necessary for Stockport councils online portal

If only entitled to 15 hours this equates to 15 hours per week over the school term (38 weeks), so I normally spread this over 52 weeks which is 11 hours per week. If entitled to 30 hours you will need to give me a code from HMRC.


Some Children will also qualify for 2 year old funding. If so you will receive a letter please bring this to me I will need the reference number on the letter. 3 year old’s won’t need a letter.


Other Information

Please contact us with the hours you require and I’ll try to give you a good price even on low hour contracts. I’m very flexible but don’t do overnight care.

I do not charge for my illness, my holidays or if I am not available to look after your child for any reason, you do not pay.

I prefer payment by standing order. Standard fees are 1 week ahead no deposit required. For monthly fees I would take a deposit of at least 2 weeks.

You can also use your childcare vouchers as part of the electronic payment (standing order). We accept cash (or paper vouchers) but try to encourage electronic payment.